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Parc de Gros-Cap's beachCabin rental2 services, water frontSunset kayaking by the cliffsSand castle building lessonsHappy paddlersSea kayaking Entry islandSea kayak tour nearby the cliffs at sunsetEntry Island by the sea2 hook-up campsiteLet's get a tour!2 hook-ups, water frontOur professioanl guidesYoung paddlers
Cabin rentalSunset kayaking by the cliffsSea kayak tour nearby the cliffs at sunset2 hook-up campsiteLet's get a tour!Sea kayaking Entry islandEntry Island by the sea2 services, water front2 hook-ups, water frontHappy paddlersOur professioanl guidesYoung paddlersSand castle building lessonsParc de Gros-Cap's beach
Sea kayaking Entry islandParc de Gros-Cap's beach2 hook-up campsiteLet's get a tour!Sand castle building lessonsCabin rental2 services, water frontYoung paddlersEntry Island by the seaOur professioanl guidesSunset kayaking by the cliffs2 hook-ups, water frontHappy paddlersSea kayak tour nearby the cliffs at sunset

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