A tale from nicolas LAndry

The story of Isidore à Vital, a fisherman not like the others one. A dreamer who did not even bother to go on the water, he was fishing from the top of the Cap à Maquereaux. One day, Isidore made the most beautiful catch that he can even imagine. A catch who change his life.

Parc de Gros-Cap invite you at this storytelling evening with Nicolas Landry. Native from the Islands, Nicolas Landry knows how to make you live the Islands community by telling you 1001 legends and historical facts about the inhabitants.

A tale for 12 years old and over.
*In french only



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Young paddlersEntry Island by the sea2 hook-up campsiteSand castle building lessonsCabin rental2 services, water frontSea kayaking Entry islandSea kayak tour nearby the cliffs at sunsetParc de Gros-Cap's beachHappy paddlers2 hook-ups, water frontOur professioanl guidesLet's get a tour!Sunset kayaking by the cliffs
Our professioanl guidesSea kayaking Entry islandEntry Island by the sea2 hook-ups, water frontSand castle building lessons2 hook-up campsiteSea kayak tour nearby the cliffs at sunsetCabin rentalParc de Gros-Cap's beachYoung paddlers2 services, water frontSunset kayaking by the cliffsHappy paddlersLet's get a tour!

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