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As a social economy enterprise,
Corporation du Parc de Gros-Cap
maintains, develops and manages
the natural site of Gros-Cap.
Our goal is to offer islanders
and visitors to les Îles, a unique
vacation environment: a pleasant
campground, a lively Auberge as well
as exciting sea and outdoor adventures
in a relaxing atmosphere rich in
historical features.

Leadership from
Gros-Cap residents!

In 1995, when the campground
was put up for sale, residents from
all around the Gros-Cap Township
got involved. They didn’t want the
site to be given away to any private developer. So they organized a fund-raising campaign called “Fête du Canton” to help create a social economy enterprise called
Corporation du Parc de Gros-Cap.
Ever since that first “Fête du
”, the fund-raising event has been repeated year after year, thanks to the help of a committee made up of 20 or more volunteers.

In 2001, the marine biology
laboratory was converted into an
international youth hostel affiliated
to the Hostelling International
network. Visitors of all sorts are
welcome: young travelers, young
retirees, couples, families,
members or non-members. Our
friendly staff is on hand and ready
to help and the seashore is
always a wonderful place to relax.

Become a member
of Parc du Gros-Cap!

Membership offers:

  •  a 10% discount on campsite in off-season period
  • a 15% discount on water sports;
  • a 5 % discount on off-season Auberge rental,
  • a substantial discount on the "Fête du Canton" event;
  • the right to vote at Corporation’s meetings;
  • the right to serve on the board of directors or other committees;
  • and a chance at winning a $300 gift certificate.

Membership fee: $20

Our professioanl guidesSea kayak tour nearby the cliffs at sunsetYoung paddlersLet's get a tour!Entry Island by the seaSand castle building lessons2 hook-up campsite2 services, water frontCabin rentalSunset kayaking by the cliffsParc de Gros-Cap's beachSea kayaking Entry islandHappy paddlers2 hook-ups, water front
Happy paddlers2 hook-up campsiteParc de Gros-Cap's beach2 hook-ups, water frontSunset kayaking by the cliffsSand castle building lessonsOur professioanl guidesSea kayak tour nearby the cliffs at sunsetEntry Island by the seaLet's get a tour!Sea kayaking Entry island2 services, water frontCabin rentalYoung paddlers
Entry Island by the seaLet's get a tour!Parc de Gros-Cap's beachSunset kayaking by the cliffsHappy paddlers2 services, water frontCabin rentalOur professioanl guidesSand castle building lessons2 hook-ups, water frontYoung paddlersSea kayak tour nearby the cliffs at sunset2 hook-up campsiteSea kayaking Entry island

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