Parc de Gros-Cap is more than just a campground.
It’s a natural attraction that offers a panoramic view
of the sea! It’s also a perfect vacation spot for those
who love water sports. There’s a full range of services….




Ready-to-Camp Cottages

No need to pack the camping gear! Five small
ready-to-camp units called “Les Salines” are now
available. Each of these small quaint structures
provides comfortable sleeping accommodation
and necessary cooking gear for 4 campers.


Auberge de Gros-Cap

Located at the very tip of the Gros-Cap peninsula,
our Auberge offers a variety of lodging possibilities
and allows visitors to live in close connection with the sea.
The shared living room, dining room and kitchen provide
a great meeting place where people of all ages share
life and travel experiences in a relaxed holiday ambience.


Pavillon Montreuil

The workers’ hostel (10 rooms and 19 beds), which has
been in operation for more than 10 years, provides lodging
for trainees and seasonal workers.



Cabin rentalParc de Gros-Cap's beachHappy paddlersSand castle building lessons2 hook-ups, water frontOur professioanl guidesLet's get a tour!Entry Island by the seaSunset kayaking by the cliffs2 hook-up campsiteYoung paddlersSea kayaking Entry islandSea kayak tour nearby the cliffs at sunset2 services, water front
Our professioanl guides2 hook-up campsiteSunset kayaking by the cliffsSea kayaking Entry islandYoung paddlersEntry Island by the seaSand castle building lessonsParc de Gros-Cap's beachHappy paddlers2 services, water frontLet's get a tour!2 hook-ups, water frontSea kayak tour nearby the cliffs at sunsetCabin rental
Happy paddlersSea kayak tour nearby the cliffs at sunsetSea kayaking Entry island2 services, water frontSunset kayaking by the cliffsYoung paddlers2 hook-up campsiteCabin rentalSand castle building lessonsLet's get a tour!Our professioanl guides2 hook-ups, water frontParc de Gros-Cap's beachEntry Island by the sea

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