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Corporation du Parc de Gros-Cap
Corporation du Parc de Gros-Cap
Corporation du Parc de Gros-Cap
Corporation du Parc de Gros-Cap


Guided tours and rental.

Let yourself be carried by the wind!

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Guided tours, adventures and rental.

Fun guaranteed!

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In rental formula, discovers the Gros-Cap cliffs

by yourself.

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Sand castles

Sandcastle workshop with our master builder.

To yours shovels!

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Single location, sea view and…

cordial staff.

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Montreuil Pavilion

Ideal common space for new meeting

Located near the sea.

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Picturesque ready-to-camp,

perfect mixt between camping and accommodation.

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Mini Trailer

Small trailer for two people on one of the most beautiful place at Parc de Gros-Cap: near de cliffs, facing the sunset with a sea view.

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Sites and services

132 camping sites for all tastes!

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Let yourself be carried away…
as the seasons go by!

While the ice field drifts away and the sun shines again, the archipelago comes back to life! The fishermen are hard at work on their boats and in the harbours.

The seasonal businesses open their doors again. We visit the fish markets or the restaurants and treat ourselves with fresh scallops, crabs and lobsters.

In sum, it is the time of year when all things economic, social and gourmet are booming everywhere on the archipelago!

Spring : the archipelago comes back to life!

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